From time to time, Redneck Mud Park will feature ATV RACES ,  bringing excitement and passion to our  events.  We offer races in a number of classes, with cash prizes and trophies.  Races take place on the main track or at Bikini Beach, depending on the layout for the weekend.  And ANYONE can participate - just sign up a couple hours before the races! 

Prizes always!  Helmets and safety equipment required.




TRUCK RACES have been a staple of the Redneck Mud Park since opening. Our bleachers fill with avid fans during the races, enjoying the sunshine and the thundering racers.  We've been able to host hundreds of the world's Top Mud Truck drivers, and have paid out nearly $200,000 in prize money. The sport has grown because of our commitment to it.

To race, contact Wes at 321-282-8708

TRUCK PULLS (or "TUGS")  are a hot ticket at Redneck Mud Park events. With dozens of entries and an open format where anyone can enter, you can win a chunk of the $2600 purse!  Think ya got what it takes? 

To register, contact Keith at 239-340-4020